At sea

Dear friends, autumn is coming up and it brings some news:
The Napkins will release their second album "World on a string" in October on Univocal Music!
In September I will visit Ruska Swing Festival 5-6.9 with Clark Jacobson Quartet, but next up a tour at sea together with trumpet player Fredrik Erlandsson
25.8 Kumlinge, 26.8 Kumlinge skola, Brändö bibliotek and 27.8 Nagu Kyrka :)
All the best! 

Phunky Reggae Party!

Small Axe is aiming for Helsinki this weekend:
Friday 15.8 Juttutupa, Helsinki
Saturday 16.8 Blackpool, Järvenpää
See You there! :)


Bästa vänner, imorgon 8.8 spelar jag och Kaj Kulla jazz, visa och tango ute på Brännskär, www.brannskar.fi

Hyvät ystävät, huomenna 8.8 soi haitari, laulu ja kitara Brännskärissä, tervetuloa!


I'm feeling grateful today, as the sunlight wished me a good morning. Also, because I just gotta love my job! This summer has served me a lot of great musical experiences and lead me to new places and people. Thanks to all organizers, musicians and music lovers at Kesäkissa Blues Festival, Jakobsdagar and New Orleans Festivalen, Mannaminne!
And the story continues, next up is Birgers Ragtime Band @ Espan lava 31.7, 18:00, see You there! :)